THE GOAT BRUSH Reinigungs-Pinsel

THE GOAT BRUSH Reinigungs-Pinsel
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The Goat Boar's Hair Detail Brush is the ultimate interior and exterior detailing brush. The Goat features a long-life chemical resistant handle that is made of recycled plastics.


The Goat Brush- Boar's Hair Detailing Brush. One of our most versatile cleaning tools. 

Designed with the detailer in mind we have changed the way detailers traditionally view brushes. 

We have replaced the easily stained low quality wood brush with a long-life chemical resistant handle made of recycled plastics. We have also replaced the traditional tin coupling that holds the bristles in with a long-life plastic seal to reduce the chance of scratching or cutting yourself. 

Clean your vehicle's wheels, interior, trim pieces, joints, seams, seats, console, buttons, emblems and so much more. This high quality boar's hair brush really has endless amount of uses. The Goat is gentle yet effective, making it the ideal cleaning tool. 

When cleaning wheel and rims you need not ever worry about scratching a wheel. You can use The Goat on all factory wheels and even the most delicate after market wheels: painted, powder coated, teflon coated, anodized, billet, polished and pin striped wheels and rims.

The Goat brush is great between spokes, around lug nuts, rivets, lips, etc. The Goat Brush enables you to safely clean even the most challenging of areas. 


Easily clean the toughest and hardest to reach lug nuts and wheel components. 

Sick and tired of struggling to clean wheels and rims? We know what you mean. The Goat brush will clean away brake dust and road grime quickly and easily without scratching or damaging the finish on wheel and rim finishes. 

Made from natural Boars Hair the gentle bristles are BIG on clean yet gentle on surfaces.  The 10" long brush features a 6.5” long handle with a 1.5” black Neck and 2” Bristles. The Goat- Boar's Hair Detail Brushes has endless Interior & exterior uses. For interior detailing, nothing beats The Goat, Boar's Hair Brush. It is nice and delicate on all interior.


The Goat- Boar's Hair Detail Brushes Ultimate Interior & Exterior Brush

Delicate On Surface Tough On Dirt. The Goat Natural Boar's Hair In and Out Detail Brushes 

For interior and exterior detailing, nothing beats these Boar's Hair Brushes for quick, safe, scratch free cleaning. The round brush seems best for out-of-the-way crevices and really helps out interiors. I use the "flat" one to detail oily doorjambs and exterior trim where wax tends to accumulate. The boar's hair is epoxy-set in nice wooden handles. Safe for the most delicate interior surfaces.


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